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Airosa was born from the passion of creating accessories that are beautiful inside out, respecting the environment and the animals. All our products are locally handmade using vegan materials and conscious design - zero waste production ~ that’s why we are so geometrical ~ and timeless shapes ~ in opposition to fast fashion's planned obsolescence. We look for inspiration in simplicity and the good vibes we get from Lisbon’s sunshine. All our bags are made in a family run business, near Lisbon. Working with a small factory allows us to produce small batches each time. That way we can avoid dead stock and guarantee tight quality control. It only takes us 30 minutes from our studio to the factory, which makes communication very easy. For us it is very rewarding to have built trusty relationships while supporting local businesses. 


At Airosa, we believe that products made with quality and time are more likely to have a longer life, thus having a lower environmental impact. That is why we are called “airosa”, which means graceful.


Airosa was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Inês Vicente. After returning from a 3 year experience in London, where she studied and worked within the emerging sustainable fashion industry, Ines decided to start her own project back home. It all happened very organically, one Christmas Inês made a backpack as a gift for her sister Carolina so she could carry her laptop comfortably and still look cool while cycling to work. The bag was a hit and the two sisters decided to start producing and selling them online and on summer markets.


and then...

Through time the original model has been slightly altered by the feedback of its users and other models have been added to the initial collection following the same philosophy - simple lines, sophistication and practicality. To us it is very important to stay on track of what people need while keeping a "future classic" look so that our customers want to keep their backpacks forever. "

Running a small brand has lots of ups and downs. We have to perform lots of different roles all the time, compete with the “big sharks” that have lower prices and extremely higher profits - at the expenses of mass production and low wage workers - and still find time to have an inspiring life to keep us motivated. On the other hand, we are blessed to do something we are truly passionate about and to have an amazing working atmosphere, we learnt to be very versatile with all the different tasks we perform, we get to use all the models we make and most importantly, we have a solid net of clients who believe in our work. In the end of the day, that’s definitely a win!

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